Yejin Lee: I To Ground, I To Sky

Art and Culture treat death as a fearful subject, separating death from people’s lives. Death has been captured in rigid monuments like graves and other constructions that suggest permanence. Instead of denying the transience of life, MFA Candidate Yejin Lee asks people to accept death with less rigidity and invite it into our living space.

In “I To Ground, I To Sky” she builds naturalistic and minimalistic playgrounds: non-monumental, impermanent grave for dead leaves and a pond that ‘reflects’ the sky through a cycle of days, nights, and seasons. Influenced by Buddhism and Korean traditional architecture, Lee seeks Oneness between life and death, understanding death as a change in condition instead of rigid separation from life.

The objectives for this show is for people to liberate themselves from the agony of loss that comes with seeing death as a far-off, bordered space. She hopes people feel peaceful and even joyful even when confronting loss and death.

Powder Room is led and organized by MFA candidates in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University and is made possible through a generous gift from Nancy and Woody Ostrow.


February 2nd @ 2-6pm


Yejin Lee