Friends In Low Places

Friends in Low Places is an exhibition of new scenes from an ongoing project which imagines an alternative history of coal mingled with myths of forgotten forests, crawling proto-reptiles, and chthonic infernos as real-time puppet theater. It is a speculative re-imagining of a 300-million-year history, built with craft techniques lifted from model railroading and tabletop role-playing games, photogrammetry, conventional 3D animation, as well as modified folk songs and fairy tales.


Nick Crockett is an artist and programmer from a former gold rush town in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. He produces experimental games, participatory performances, and animation. Features include cursed treasures, fake armor, software that relies on people behind curtains, and hardware that runs on masking tape and hope.


Saturday, September 8, 9PM


Friday, September 14, 9PM

Open by appointment after dark.